My husband and I are currently renting out our basement and just got notice from the person this morning that he is moving back home. So it's available July 1st.

We live on Belmont Avenue in Kingston and there are bus stops very close to our home (but you would have to check the routes, but I feel that they go to SLC and Queens as transfer points). 5 minute drive to SLC and less than 10 to Queens.
Rent is $700/month inclusive, no phone (as we both have cell phones and there is no land line currently installed), Bell satelitte and hi speed wireless, shared kitchen, basement is about 800 sq ft., separate entrance, shared storage (in basement, but we will ask permission to come downstairs on the rare occassion that we need anything). Two large rooms (current person uses one as his room and the other as a living room), one smaller room and a full bathroom (stand up shower only).

We are both shift workers and work 12 hour days/nights so we require someone who is respectful and relatively quiet. No parties in the house kind of thing, friends over are absolutely ok but it's just a respect thing as it's a house so noise does travel (you can hear mumbles of the TV's or talking if it's loud enough etc.) hasn't been an issue either way with our current tennent but just to point it out. We are a younger couple, so we aren't expecting someone to be completely quiet...just respectful and not over the top or anything.

We live in a quiet neighbourhood, and would prefer a single person who is either a full time student or has a full time job.
We do ask that it's just one person living here as that is what our insurance will cover, so at no point can another person move in or spend a majority of their nights there without a discussion and you needing to provide your own insurance.

If you are a mature and stable couple are interested we could consider that option for an additional cost (to account for extra utilities and expenses) but you would also have to obtain your own renters insurance (and provide us with documentation).

No pets, no smoking inside, parking available on the road (with no time restrictions in our neighbourhood) and when you can't park on the road between December 1st and February 28th we will just have to share the driveway and move each others' cars around.

Not sure what else to mention, please feel free to ask questions or set up a time to come and look at the place. This may seem like a lot, but we are just trying to be very upfront and give you everything that you may need to consider.

Thanks for looking.